What motivates us?

There are 4 kinds of motivation

Integrative- The title says it all. People who posses integrative motivation want to learn a foreign language in order to integrate with native speakers. They are interested in communicating with people and learning about their culture and language.

Instrumental- With this type, language becomes a tool (or instrument if you will) that allows you to achieve some goal such as passing your French exam or getting a job promotion.

Intrinsic- Motivation to learn comes from within.

Extrinsic– You are motivated to learn a language because someone else is either going to reward you or penalize you for it. Where as intrinsic motivation tends to correlate with long-term success, extrinsic is linked to more short term gain.

7 Ways to Increase Your Motivation To Learn English

1. Find the fun in learning English.

2. Follow a blog or subscribe to emails about English.

3. Set aside time every day to practice your English.

4.Find a friend who is learning English

  • you will have someone to talk about English with. These conversations will increase your interest in English, as explained in the previous section.
  • learning English will be easier, because you will be able to discuss your problems with your friend.
  • you will study English more, because you will want to be better than your friend.

5. Take pride in the progress you’ve made.

6.Imagine yourself in the future

Imagine you can talk to native speakers just like you talk in your first language. Imagine other people wanting to speak English as well as you do.

7.Use English whenever you can


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